"A great idea, brilliantly executed. My kids (2 and 4) were soon hooked." Stephanie Flanders, BBC Economics Editor.

"The best CD ever"
Hazel, mummy to Ollie (2yrs and Jonny (4 yrs)

"Fantastic fun and it really works! I cannot praise this CD highly enough - mealtimes and getting ready for the school run are so much easier!!! My children - 6 and 2 both love listening to it and inventing new characters to sing about. The distraction at school run time, getting on shoes and coats, means we haven't been late since, indeed it is now a fun game! Thank you Vicky Arlidge you are a life saver :)"
Annie R, mummy to Jasper and Scarlett.

"When your child is screaming and you are at your wits end, put on this great CD full of really catchy songs and you will be surprised how it works. My toddler loves the tunes and the lyrics are so imaginatively written that you very quickly visualise the animals in each song. It means you and your child can have fun and be distracted whilst doing those daily chores of changing their nappies, getting them into the buggy or persuading them to eat up that last spoon of veg. A real winner! We love it and can't recommend it highly enough."
Nicole B, mummy to Max (18months)

 “We love the CD. Isla demands it daily at the very least. She hated brushing her teeth until the roary lion song. She requests the tidy song the most and it does work!”
Hannah, mummy to Isla (20 months).

 “Deep Sea Tea Party can be a lifesaver at tricky mealtimes.  Chloe loves singing the song and always opens her mouth wide at the appropriate moment for 'a spoonful of food to pop inside'!”
Jennie, mummy to Chloe (2yrs 4 months).

"The Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums CD has become invaluable to our family. As we see the potential of a tantrum approaching, we're able to use one of the cheery songs to divert the situation to one full of giggles and chuckles instead. My son, Joe (21 months), loves the catchy tunes and dances along with them. His elder brother, Alfie (age 7), is a fan too and enjoys singing along and independently reciting the tunes to his little brother. Now we're racing to get our shoes on in the morning to the tune of 'Shoes Blues,' and waving our legs in the air like a beetle to the words of 'Nappy Time,' which leaves both boys in fits of laughter. 'Let's Tidy!' has the toys cleared up in no time at all and makes it a fun activity rather than a chore. I would thoroughly recommend this CD to the parents of young children - singing a merry tune is far more favorable than dealing with the stress and fallout from a tantrum!"
Debbie Bigg - Mum to Alfie (7) and Joe (21 months)

"I love the CD - the tunes are really catchy and I often find myself singing 'I'm going to change my nappy' at inopportune moments. At 17 months, Barnaby seems to be a little young to really listen to the songs yet, but he does love having his squidgy bits tickled during the nappy song!"
Sara Turner.

 “The CD is fantastic! When Ella hears the familiar songs it catches her attention and she’s happy! The tidy time song helps us to tidy up at home!” Claire, mummy to Ella, (19 months).

 “The CD is brilliant – both my boys love it, especially ‘Deep Sea Tea Party’. We often listen to it after tea time when everyone needs some inspiration to hear things upbeat!”
Jemma, mummy to Joseph (2) and Jacob, (nearly 1).

 “The CD has been a great help for getting my 2 year old to do everyday tasks. We always brush Skylie's teeth to 'scary lion'. She quickly opens her mouth and lets me brush! Tidying up has never been so much fun. I hear her singing 'let's tidy' to herself as she's putting her books away in her bedroom!
An overall great CD. She sings along to all the songs, it’s so lovely to hear.”  
Callie, mummy to Skylar, (2yrs).

 “Oliver loves it. It’s his CD of choice! Even my 4 year old enjoys it. ‘Down in the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea’ has gotten a couple of bites of food into him. (No mean feat!) I love listening to him sing the songs on his own without the CD”.
Maria, mummy to Oliver (2yrs 4months).

 “The CD is super! We have only had it for 2 weeks but Charlotte loves it – she stops whatever else she is doing (having a tantrum/chasing the cat) and starts to dance the second I press play!”
Rebecca, mummy to Charlotte (15months)

 “Polly loves listening to the CD, especially at mealtimes! The ‘Deep Sea Tea Party’ helps me persuade Polly to take an extra mouthful of food!” Louise, mummy to Polly (22 months).

 “Sophia insists on having the CD on in the car now, we need a CD for every car in the family! All the family now know the words to the 'Octopus song', it is Sophia's favourite, she loves it & gets us all to sing it with her regularly! She also now knows all the words and sings it to herself.”
Caroline, mummy to Sophia (2 yrs).

 “We have really enjoyed having the CD at home. We like the food song and the tidy song is really positive. We do love to use all the songs.”
Beth, mummy to Anoushka (2yrs 9 months).

 “Mia perks up so so much when she hears the music on the CD which I keep in the car. It is such good quality and it settles her in the car, so thank you!”
Suzy, mummy to Mia, (16months).

 “The CD is great. Alfie loves it and I find it calms him down if I use it when I need to leave him in his cot for a bit in order to do something. He does enjoy Deep Sea Tea Party at meal times.”
Catherine, mummy to Alfie, 16 months.

“My girls love the CD, at home and in the car.”
Becks, mummy of Poppy (2) and Mimi (3)

“The CD is fantastic. Varun loves listening to it.”
Samra, mummy to Varun (2yrs 4 months)

 ‘We like the CD a lot. Each time it finishes Oliver shouts, “Again!” Its also very popular in the car”.
Sara, mummy to Oliver (21 months).

 “We love the CD. Oliver will happily listen to it over and over again.”
Sarah, mummy to Oliver (23 months).

"CD arrived this week. Both children really love it. Joe picked up most of the songs instantly and loved the space buggy. A welcome change from the usual rubbish for children. Daisy the donkey is my new best friend when we get ready in the morning. Can't wait for more...Thank you."
Carolyn Milton, mum to Joe and Daisy.

"Elodie absolutely LOVES it! She now stays awake on car journeys to listen to the CD and starts to giggle during the nappy song before I even get to tickling her! Genius. My particular favourite is Everybody tidy - can't stop singing it... I will be buying the CD for friends and recommending it to everyone!"
Joanna Sleight, mummy to Elodie.

"We love this CD and have listened to it about 5 times today. Every time, as soon as one track finishes, Josh says "more?". Our favourites are Nappy Time and Space Buggy. Thank you so much for bringing such fun and enjoyment to mums, dads and toddlers all over the world :)"
Megan Mc Gready